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Hero Flare designs and manufactures flare systems for the production field and gas plants. From simple utility flares to large air assist flares, Hero Flare supplies solid, well built flares guaranteed to work. No other company can match our delivery schedule. If you need a well designed flare, and need it fast, Hero Flare is the right flare supplier for your project.

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HES Spark Ignited Pilot
HFF Fuel Free Pilot
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Pilot Retraction Systems
FFG Flame Front Generators
  Review of Existing Flare Systems
EPA Certificate of Compliance
Stop Flare Smoking
Structural Design Calculations
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Utility Flares   Utility Flares
Utility Flares are also known as "pipe flares." Utility flares are widely used in light natural gas service. Emergency flares are often utility flares when a smoke-free flare is not required. Flame stabilizers improve the combustion efficiency and prevent flame liftoff.
Tank Battery Flares   Tank Battery Flares
Tank battery flares are often small, utility flare tips mounted on guyed stacks. Larger sizes are suitable for compressor backup and sales gas flaring. The air assist design provides smoke free combustion. Hero Flare stocks tank battery flares of common sizes.
Loe Flow Flares   Low Flow Flares
Designed for 0 – 200,000 SCFD of wellhead or tank vapors. The Low Flow Flare requires no electricity, fuel gas or utilities. Solar powered, direct spark ignition system. You provide the support base; we provide everything else. One week delivery.
Trailer Flares   Trailer Flares
Trailer flares for well flowback operate up to 7 MMSCFD with stack heights of 30-60ft. Trailer flares for pipeline blowdown and maintenance operations use special flare tips for smoke free combustion of LPG or propylene. Trailer flares can be bumper pull or goose-neck design. 1-3 weeks typical delivery.
Assist Flare - Blower   Air Assist Flare - Blower
Smoke free flaring with a low pressure blower. Air assisted flares mix blower air and flare gas at the flare tip. The low pressure air swirls the flare gas and prevents smoke formation. Hero air assist flare tips prevent flame liftoff and poor destruction efficiency. Air assist flares for the production field are 3-5 week delivery. Larger air assist flares for the plant facilities run 8-12 weeks delivery.
Loading Terminal Flares   Loading Terminal Flares
Truck and rail loading terminal use a special type of air assist flare. Air in the truck vapor creates the potential for flashback. Additional safety precautions are mandatory for safe operation.
Air Assist Flare - Compressor   Air Assist Flare - Compressor
Smoke free flaring using a high pressure air from a local air compressor. Compressed air is a slick solution to existing flares that smoke. 5-50 Hp screw compressors provide pressurized air to prevent smoke at normal operating conditions. High pressure fuel gas or nitrogen also works. Typical deliveries are 4-6 weeks plus 2 day onsite installation.
Steam Assist Flares   Steam Assist Flares
If your facility has a boiler, steam assist flares are the low cost solution to smokeless flaring. Steam flares are easy to control and offer superior smoke reduction performance compared to air assist flares. Hero Flare supplies retrofit steam tips for existing flares. 6-8 week typical delivery.
Sonic Flares/High Pressure Flares   Sonic Flares/High Pressure Flares
Flare gas pressure can prevent smoke formation without the use of blower air or fuel gas. The variable orifice sonic tips are well suited for compressor station emergency flares. Smaller, high pressure flares work well for production sites.
Low Profile Flares/Multipoint Flares   Low Profile Flares/Multipoint Flares
Keep the flame near grade with a high pressure, low profile flare. These ground level flares reduce the flame profile and keep surrounding neighbors happy. Great for short term well testing in populated areas.
HFF FuelFree Pilot   HES High Energy Spark Ignited Pilot
High energy spark ignited pilot firing natural gas or propane fuel. Battery backup control system for reliable long term ignition. Solar powered or 120VAC. Over 1000 in service. Hands down, the most reliable flare ignition system made. Meets all EPA regulations for pilot monitoring.
DSI Direct Spark Igniter   DSI Direct Spark Igniter
Direct ignition of the flare gas with a high energy spark. Solar powered control system with battery backup. Much better than fence charger spark igniters.
Pilot Retraction Systems   Pilot Retraction Systems
The best retractable system on the market. Tired of stuck pilots in corroded Unistrut channel? The Hero retraction system will smoothly raise and lower the pilots even after years of corrosive service. The robust sled is stable in high winds. Pilot retraction systems eliminate the need for flare ladders and platforms, a considerable cost savings.
Flame Front Generators   Flame Front Generators
Manual flame front generators (FFG) can be added spark ignition systems as a backup ignition system. Multiple retractable HES pilots are preferred to a flame front generator, but many older flares still use the FFG as the primary ignition source.
Consulting and Engineering Services  

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Certificates of Compliance.
  • Complete structural and mechanical design of guy wire and self-supported flare stacks.
  • Review of existing flare systems to resolve smoke problems or safety issues.
  • Thermal radiation calculations.
  • Pressure drop profiles.
  • Technical assistance for environmental permitting and compliance.




"They lit right up and worked perfectly." - Mark Ward, TX


"Their consulting service helped save us $200K." - Don Campo, TX


"One 18 inch flare tip, two pilots and control panels - 3-day delivery. Wow!" - Jason A., LA


"The flare is working better than I could have hoped for, no smoke even under heavy loads."- Jim Hobson, TX