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Flare Pilots/Ignitors

General Features and Benefits

Flare Pilot

Dual Pilots on Air Assist Flare

  • Fast Delivery - Normal delivery is 2-3 weeks. Emergency delivery can be ONE DAY! HERO maintains stock items for fast assembly and shipment. Our goal is to make you look like a HERO!
  • High Quality - We don't cut corners with material or fabrication quality. American made with American know how. Our shop has thousands of pilot systems. They work. We guarantee it.
  • Best Value - Flare pilots are the wrong place to cut corners. If the pilot fails, the entire flare fails. There are no better pilots for the price than HERO flare pilots.

Where To Use HERO HES Flare Pilots

Flare Pilot

Business End of Flare Pilot

HERO flare pilots are specifically designed for production field and gas plant flares. The robust design and simple operation make them ideal for remote unmanned locations. These pilots replace traditional flame front generator pilots and all of the problems associated with FFG systems. However, there should be a plan to access the pilot if maintenance is required.

Optional Flame Front Generator (FFG) / Retractable Pilots

For certain applications, we recommend a backup flame front generator ignition system or a retractable pilot. Consider these options if the flare meets one of the following criteria:

  • More than 120 ft high. Taller flares are more difficult to access.
  • Inaccessible for more than three years. Some flare systems are only offline every 5-8 years. A backup ignition system is recommended for these applications.
  • Offshore platform. Corrosive and salt water environments need special materials.

For the vast majority of production field and gas plant flares, the HERO HES Pilot is the perfect choice!

Specific Features and Benefits

Flare Pilot

Offshore Flare Control Panel

Complete System - Each HES pilot system includes the pilot and control panel. The pilot assembly includes the High Energy Sparker and thermocouple for pilot flame monitoring. The control panel contains the spark controller and temperature switch in a NEMA 4X box.

Pilot Stays Lit - This pilot won't go out! The internal sparker is always active. Every 3-4 seconds, the pilot spark activates even if the pilot is lit.

No Compressed Air Required - Unlike traditional flame front generators, the HERO pilots do not require any compressed air.

Flare Pilot

Flame Front Generator Panel - ExplosionProof

Multiple Fuels - The HERO flare pilot can operate on any clean, dry fuel gas. Natural gas, wellhead gas or propane are common pilot fuels. Natural gas consumption is 70 scfh at 5 psig.

Meets EPA Regulations - 40CFR60.18 has specific requirements for pilot ignition systems. Most states have adopted these regulations without alteration. HERO pilots meet the EPA regulations for flame stability and pilot monitoring.

Easy to Install - HERO pilots can be mounted on any flare tip. We include mounting brackets and prewire the electrical devices to a common junction box. We can even supply the interconnecting wire, conduit and fuel gas tubing.

Flare Pilot

HERO HES Flare Pilot Flame

Shop Tested Control System - You want it to work the first time; and so do we. HERO wires each pilot, thermocouple and control panel together and verifies that it works before it leaves our shop. Wire ends are labeled for convenient field re-assembly.

Electricity is Optional - The standard HES pilot uses 120V power. Options include solar powered systems and battery backups. The flare can run for 10 hours on a fully charged battery.


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They lit right up and worked perfectly. - Mark Ward, TX

Their consulting service helped save us $200,000. - Don Campo, TX

18" flare tip, two pilots and panels - 3 day delivery. Wow! - Jason A., LA