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Portable Flares

Hero Flare offers trailer mounted flares and skid mounted flare systems for those users needing flare systems that are portable and easy to transport from site-to-site.

Trailer Flare System

Trailer Flares are a convenient method of burning waste gases from flowback operations, pipelines and storage facilities. Each trailer is completely self contained. A solar panel supplies power for the pilot, ignition system and pilot monitoring controls. Standard size propane tanks maintain a constant pilot flame and can be easily removed.

Trailer Flare 
40' Trailer Flare

 Trailer Flare Ignition System 

Ignition System

 Trailer Flare
                       30' Trailer Flare Ready For Transport

General Features and Benefits

  • Fast Delivery - We typically have 25', 30' and 40' trailer flares in stock.
  • Flare Capacity - Our standard flare systems consist of 25', 30' and 40' flare systems with dual 6" flange connections and flare stack.  Our systems can handle flows up to 8 MMSCFD.
  • "Standard" Flaring Applications - The standard trailer flare is ideal for light hydrocarbons or low BTU flare gas streams.
  • "Special" High Pressure Applications - We offers a special flare tip design specifically for high pressure Ethylene, LPG or Butane applications to prevent excess smoke formation that can occur with standard utility trailer flares. 

Download our Trailer Flare Brochure to learn more.....Trailer Flare Brochure(PDF)


Skid Mounted Flares

Hero Flare offers Low Flow Flares that are mounted on a skid for easy transport.  These systems include a 15' tall flare stack, flame arrestor and battery / solar powered ignition system.  No electric or pilot gas is required.  These systems are a economical flare system that allows you to transport on the back of a truck or with a standard utility trailer. 

Skid Mounted Pivot Flare


General Features and Benefits

  • Fast Delivery - Typically in stock ready.
  • Flare Capacity - Our standard skid mounted flares consist of a 15' flare stack designed to flare off up to 200,000 SCFD.
  • Equipment Scope - HERO supplies a complete system that is ready to hook up waste gas and operate.
  • Economical -  Skid Mounted Flares start at $10,000.

Download our Skid Mounted Pivot Flare Brochure to learn more.....Skid Mounted Flare (pdf)





Smokeless Retrofit kits
Economical  retrofit kits to modify your existing tank battery flares to bring them up to Quad O compliance. 

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Flashback Protection
Low Cost & Easy to Install Tank Vapor Flashback Protection Systems.

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In Stock Flares
Flares, Pilots and Flame Arrestors available for immediate shipment

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