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Trailer Flares

30ft Trailer Flare

30ft Trailer Flare

30ft Flare Trailer

30ft Trailer Flare


Ethylene Blowdown Trailer Flare

Ethylene Blowdown Trailer Flare

Flare Trailer Solar Panel

Solar Panel and Control

70' Flare Trailer Guyed

70ft Trailer Flare - Guyed

Trailer Flares are a convenient method of burning waste gases from flowback operations, pipelines and storage facilities. Each trailer is completely self contained. A solar panel supplies power for the pilot, ignition system and pilot monitoring controls. Standard size propane tanks maintain a constant pilot flame and can be easily removed.

Standard size is a 6" inlet connection by 30ft high or 60ft high.

The trailer flare sets up in 30 minutes or less. An electric winch or hydraulic ram provides the muscle to raise the stack vertically.

The standard trailer flare is ideal for light hydrocarbons or low BTU flare gas streams. Special tips can be added for smokeless flaring of heavier vapors, such as propane.

General Features and Benefits

  • Fast Delivery - Normal delivery is six weeks. HERO Flare tries to keep one unit available for immediate purchase. Our goal is to make you look like a HERO!
  • High Quality - We don't cut corners with material or fabrication quality. American made with American know how. They work. We guarantee it.
  • Safety - Don't get burned by homemade trailer flares. Hero trailer flares include many safety features to prevent slips, falls and overturning.

Specific Features and Benefits

Easy to Pull - 30ft bumper pull trailer flares easily pull behind standard ½ton trucks. 60ft trailer flares are a gooseneck design.

Quick to Erect - Erect these trailer flares in less than 30 minutes. Pull out the outriggers and level the trailer. An electric/hydraulic winch lifts the flare stack and pilot into position. Attach the solar panel and plug in the lead wires. Turn on the propane and push "start". Connecting the vent gas piping will take longer than setting up the flare!

Stable in High Winds - Oversized outriggers keep the trailer steady even in the strongest of winds.

Highway Legal - All trailers are built to national standards governing highway use. You will receive all documentation necessary to obtain a tag from your local transportation office.

High Stability Flare Tip - These flare tips are suitable for all production field vapors from pure hydrocarbon to CO2 and H2S laden vent streams. They also work well for low BTU vapors from nitrogen purged systems. Stainless steel construction ensures a long tip life.

Pilot Stays Lit - This pilot won't go out! The internal sparker is always active. Every 3-4 seconds, the pilot spark activates even if the pilot is lit.

Meets EPA Regulations - 40CFR60.18 has specific requirements for flare and ignition systems. Most states have adopted these regulations without alteration. HERO trailer flares meet the EPA regulations for flame stability and pilot monitoring. We guarantee 98% or better hydrocarbon destruction efficiency.

Shop Tested Control System - You want it to work the first time; and so do we. HERO wires each pilot, thermocouple and control panel together and verifies that it works before it leaves our shop.

No Electricity Required - The Trailer Flare control system includes a solar panel and battery backup to power the pilot control system. The flare can run for several days on a fully charged battery.

Download Trailer Flare Brochure(PDF)

BUILD YOUR OWN TRAILER FLARES? Buy our pilot/ignition system. HES Pilot/Ignitor System for Client Built Trailer Flares

60ft Trailer Flare - Gooseneck Pull

60ft Trailer Flare - Gooseneck Pull


30ft Trailer Flare

Flare Trailer Control Panel

Trailer Flare Control Panel




"They lit right up and worked perfectly." - Mark Ward, TX


"Their consulting service helped save us $200K." - Don Campo, TX


"One 18 inch flare tip, two pilots and control panels - 3-day delivery. Wow!" - Jason A., LA


"The flare is working better than I could have hoped for, no smoke even under heavy loads."- Jim Hobson, TX