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Low Flow Flare

 Low Flow Flare

The HERO Low Flow Flare is specifically designed for low flow flare applications, or for those sites located in remote locations and do not have access to electric or pilot fuel gas. The most common application is flaring off low pressure tank vapors and remote wellheads.

The Low Flow Flare utilizes a battery / solar powered direct spark ignition system. The direct spark ignition system produces a spark at the flare tip every three (3) seconds regardless if there is waste gas flow going to the flare or not. The continuous direct spark ignition source also includes a continuous ignition monitoring device that gives notification each time the ignition probe sparks to give the site personnel assurance an ignition source is present at all times.

The Low Flow Flare is the most economical flare system on the market. We offer complete systems starting at under $5000 including shipping within the continental USA. Our Low Flow Flares are in stock and ready for immedately delivery.


•  Any flare application less than 200,000 SCFD
•  Ideal for tank vapors
•  Remote wellheads



•  No electric or pilot gas required on-site

•  Easy installation (no heavy equipment required)

•  Most economical Low Flow Flare solution on the market

•  In stock ready for immedate delivery



•  Continious direct spark ignition to ensure ignition source is available at all times

•  Available in flare heights ranging from 12' to 20'

•  Flame Arrestor to protect system from flashback

•  Complete system includes everything needed

•  98% Destruction Efficiency

•  Meets EPA guidles 40 CFR 60.18 flare tip exit velocity requirements










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