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Low Flow Flares

Many wellhead and tank battery sites have low gas emission rates, but are sufficiently large to require hydrocarbon emission control. The Hero Low Flow Flare (LFF) is designed for these small flare applications.

The Low Flow Flare is perfect for remote wellhead vents where there is no power, pilot fuel gas or compressed air. The entire assembly bolts onto a vertically facing 4” flange located 2-6ft off grade. Everything is included except the supporting pipe base.

The Low Flow Flare is our lowest cost flare system. The entire flare system costs under $5000 including shipping within the continental USA. We try to keep a number of units in stock, but delivery can vary from 0-4 weeks.

Specific Features

Vent Gas Capacity: 0-200 MSCFD of 30% - 100% hydrocarbon.

Pilot Gas: None required. Direct spark ignition.

Ignition Gas: None required.

Plant Air: None required.

Electricity: None required. Solar powered 12VDC ignition system.

Destruction Efficiency: 98% DRE and higher.

Low Flow Flare

Equipment Description

  • Simple, reliable flare tip. Patented design for flame stability in all wind conditions.
  • Direct spark ignitor with cable to ignition module.
  • 2” flare riser.
  • Inline ball valve to isolate vent gas if maintanence is needed.
  • Inline stainless steel wire gauze flame arrestor.
  • Automatic spark ignition module.
  • Solar charge panel with mounting bracket.
  • Continuous spark ignition even in cloudy conditions.
  • Battery backup for continuous sparking of pilot in the event of a power failure. Up to 20 days in full darkness.
  • Galvanized steel grounding stake.
  • Everything mounts to a single 4” flanged connection (by client).
  • Approx 8’ long x 85 lb.

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"They lit right up and worked perfectly." - Mark Ward, TX


"Their consulting service helped save us $200K." - Don Campo, TX


"One 18 inch flare tip, two pilots and control panels - 3-day delivery. Wow!" - Jason A., LA


"The flare is working better than I could have hoped for, no smoke even under heavy loads."- Jim Hobson, TX